一、愛是一盞永不昏暗的明燈。Love is a light that never dims.

二、沒有瞭愛,地球便成瞭墳墓。Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.

三、愛比大衣更能驅走寒冷。Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak.

四、有瞭你,我迷失瞭自我;失去你,我多麼希望自己再度迷失。Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

五、為何好女孩總喜歡壞男孩?Why do the good girls, always want the bad boys?

六、有瞭你,黑暗不再是黑暗。The darkness is no darkness with thee.

七、和你在一起就像在一個清爽的早晨漫步。Being with you is like walking on a very clear morning.

八、看看我的眼睛,你會發現你對我而言意味著什麼。Look into my eyes you will see what you mean to me.

九、愛很難投入,但一旦投入,便更難走出。Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of.

十、在回憶裡繼續夢幻不如在地獄裡等待天堂。Dreaming in the memory is not as good as waiting for the paradise in the hell.

十一、靈魂不能沒有愛而存在。The soul cannot live without love.

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