經典愛情詩句英文短句 | 爱情句子


I am a full bloom of Xia, hope, you can see the present.


Withering is true, and blooming is just a past.


The day and night look forward to the lover, long night to cross the road. There are several times in the world, cherish the love to eternity!


Feelings are sometimes just a matter of one person. It has nothing to do with anyone. Love, or do not love, can only take a break.


Love is like multiplication, one of which is zero, and its result is always zero.


Many dynasties of the women sing the same song, in the tree full of Magnolia have had, how many times to leave.


Whether it is your original stock or not, be willing to be your potential share, when you get married, you will become a good one.


I do not know where the lover is, only looking up to the distance. I do not know whether it is in the southeast, or far in the northwest. In any case, we must go to that place.


The dream is dead, the heart is broken, leaving only to prepare for the departure.


A man has already forgotten the memory of one’s own mind.


It’s not a good way to run away from him, but it’s the only way.


Birthday is a stage, a test, a chance. In love, men use this more; after marriage, women use this more.


The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can’t have them。


But like Chuncao from hate, but also for further students.


Have sailed the seven seas for water, except Wushan not cloud.


I was stubborn and unwilling to give up, but I was only hurt. From then on, there is no more you in my world.


Equinox flower, flower leaves, Ye Sheng flowers, read, but not meet.


Ask me how long I love you, only one more day than ever!


At the crossroads, we are separated. You walk my tears, I walk your hate.


I come to hide my head and love the romance of the long river. You are a shining star, Hujia upper floor. Zhi Shu cut often memories, only in the beginning of Hui Yuan mou.


If the missing is the appendix, at least it can be removed, but for me, missing is the heart.


If it is not possible, then the continuation is just perfunctory.


There is always one heart in the world who is expecting and calling for another heart.


Life will not be lovesickness, only to Acacia, then harm the Acacia.


The two man lady awareness, Mu Ying silver hair window. Yan Cun Luozhang Yuanyang dream Qiongyu LohaoCity Bingqing smile.


When a feeling doesn’t belong to you, it doesn’t have a bit of value for you, so you don’t have to think it’s a loss.


Time will slowly precipitate, some people will gradually blurred at the bottom of your heart. Learn to let go, and your happiness needs to be your own.


You always know the right thing, and that. Hold your hand and grow old together with you。


Some things, think always very good, so in your imagination, waste a reality that can be very happy.


Because of the injury, the feeling becomes more careful.


The best revenge is not to destroy each other, but not to destroy himself, but to be happier and happier than he is.


The enemy’s thoughts of each other are more than the lovers’ yearning for each other.


Not really accustomed to refusing, but afraid that once hand in hand, and then back to a person, can not bear the loneliness and sadness, never have, will not be afraid of losing.


The tears can always be dry and the language is difficult to send back no words.


My love for love, I suffered for love, regardless of love or torture.


It is wrong to know the beginning. The mistake is to love you too deeply. In this life, I just want to follow you. In the whole life, you are the only one I love.


If one day we’re not together, we should be together.


My thought, hate long, hate to be caused when Hugh, the moon relies on the floor.


Those things that we once thought are forgettable are forgotten in the course of our forgetfulness.


The most desolate and most people are not you know, lose the moment that you love, but you are still wandering, not knowing that you have lost.


Don’t because of loneliness and the indulgence, not because of indulgence and lonely life.


Without you, the daily life is only breathing; the world, the most important is you; this life, just want to be with you.


Ten years of life and death two boundless, not thinking, unforgettable, thousands of miles lonely grave, no place is desolate.


The lost thing, in fact never really belong to you, do not have to regret.


I give all the truth of the world to the moon, to illuminate every shadow in life for you!


The human feeling is very sentimental and thin, but now it is really not sentimental.


Look up the sky blue, thinking the sweetheart. Acacia into disease when they only saw on her side.


There is a kind of love called the absence of love, not love but no fate, but also a kind of love called complete! To become all the other is to be himself.


Your heart is my cape and the end of the world, I can’t go farther. We go to the end of the earth in this life, not to walk a earth, but on earth.


Feel right to love it! But don’t say long and long, every day’s feeling is different, not to mention in the future.

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