Boats Sail On The Rivers 舟行河上



  Boats sail on the rivers, 小舟在河上航行,

  And ships sail on the seas; 大船在海中操輪,

  But clouds that sail across the sky, 然而白雲飄過天空時,

  Are prettier far than these. 比這些更為悅人。


  There are bridges on the rivers, 河上有橋,

  As pretty as you please; 如你所願的那麼悅目;

  But the bow that bridges heaven, 然而橫跨在穹蒼的長虹,

  And overtops the trees, 卻比樹梢更高,

  And builds a road from earth to sky, 而能建築一條通行天際的道路,

  Is prettier  far than these. 比這些更為美好。


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