簡短甜蜜的情話英文短句 | 真情告白的句子




Valentine's day, I want to be a fish, you roast, boiled, steamed, then lyingin your stomach.


In the vast sea of humanity, you know, is a kind of fate, just want to use mysincerity, for your true feelings.


You are my little dog, you are my little bones, even fell into the gutter, Ialso go back beak.


Anything I want to share with you, because in addition to you and I can notfind another woman to match with me.


I have a little secret in my heart. Do you want to know? Let the wind quietlytell you, I like you, really good like.


When you are depressed, I will make you happy. When you are sad, I will makeyou delighted!


Don't make me lonely, don't give me loneliness, excessive loneliness andloneliness will make me sad and lonely.


Through the secular storm, rumors of reef, jealous of whirlpool, let loveship to your heart harbour.


Every time you send a character, I am very sorry, in fact, my goal is verysimple, I only want you to care about me.


Because of you, the world is beautiful, because of you, life has meaning,because of you, everything is sweet.


I love you, you for me, that is, the morning of the bread, the night of thebanana, Shandong people's garlic, Sichuan people's chili.


I love you, I kiss you, I want to go mad to kiss you. Because you are myangel, my queen, my noble love!


I am alive only when I am with you. When I am alone, the most dazzling sunseems to have lost the brilliance!


Sometimes, love is not too many words, just want to silently watching you,care and you together every second.


With your name and my name to the success of this story, from now on noworries, the story is plain but you have enough!


I would like to become a blind person, I do not want to see anything, butjust want to see you, my eyes as long as you can see enough.


If you were in my dream that only the mast to be moored ship, I wish is thatquiet bay, swinging the gentle waves, stretch a fascinating beach.


Your aura, I am stupid; you delicate, rustic I; you smell, my wine; youangry, I suffer. Everything just for you.


Do you want the mobile phone, are you in the bosom, in my hands, look in theeyes, in mind. And the most important one is always kissing you!


The number of stars, the number of memories. My heart playing guitar, let theheart fly away with you into the sweet dreams.


If you put my heart of guilt really say out, afraid you think I didn'tambition, but don't say it, I feel that they have no future.


To meet you is accidental, like you are natural, fall in love with you isresolutely, get you are happy, with your life is inevitable.


When you are not, the color is single, without you, the food is tasteless,without you, I was hollow!


You are the shore, I am a boat, you are the sun, I turn for you, happinesshas you to calculate, give me the world not to change, because you are my.


Mountain has the feeling only green, the water intends to soft, all things inthe world because of love is more beautiful. My dear, my love for you will neverchange until death!


Is to meet the unlooked for, impact of the heart and mind, I was up all night"night no sleep, seems to be waiting for the dawn.


People say: love a person is not for the return of. But I want you to give mea return so that I will live to give you my love!


Like the hand that you hold in the palm of the kind of feeling. Want to loveyou deeply to the old, hand in hand. Forgive me once wayward unruly. Loveyou.


I don't want to delete your message, I can't forget your smile, you know, Iknow, my heart is not to let you hear the sound of the heart!


I'm the salt in your food, and I lost my taste without me. I you are in thewinter sun, summer popsicle, cloudy big umbrella.


You like the dew that covered the petals, give me bring a room fragrance; youlike whistles it across the blue sky, to me brought to mind the static and thepursuit.


My dear husband, remember: if after the marriage, the husband in theValentine's Day flowers to his wife, the wife is in the home of a vase in thevegetables.


When the wind stopped chasing clouds, when the ice is not water, when thefire is not hot, when the stone is no longer hard, do not love the world, I canstop love you.


I love you yo, I love your nose, I love your eyes, I still love you alwayshave to look like me angry. I really like you!


You have to know that love is selfish! So my heart has not the slightestthoughts into. In fact, as long as you turn my heart only you know!


Love lets us meet. Love makes we fell in love, love, let us love one another,love lets us care, let me in your lifetime to give you all my love!


Your face is so beautiful, your person is so great, think you want to getflustered, love you love you love you so nervous, I do not know how the salivaZhang. Marry me, okay?


Because love quietly to escape, to escape the shadow, hide not open is silentfeelings, today, I finally plucked up the courage, to your expression Ilove.


Love will be warm in the world, the world will have to rely on love, theworld will have you will be warm, and I hope you can go with me, do a happypassers-by.


The world's only a name, so I am worrying about, like having a root invisibleline, a head firmly on my apex, a head clenched in your hands.



It's my wish to have you in my life. Holding my hand and growing up with myson are my unchangeable vows in this life.


I love Venus, pure and noble, I love the seven fairies, beautiful andpersistent. I love you so much.


You are the wind, I am the sand. You take a cup of tea and I pour it. You napand I make the bed. You give birth to children and I watch children.


I like you for more than two minutes. I can't withdraw.


I've given you enough time to run away from me now, it's time.


The great wheel of time can't erase my yearning for you. Even if the sea isdry and the rocks are rotten, your figure will live in my heart forever.


I don't know why, as long as you are by my side, my heart will no longerpanic.


The reason why I live to the present is that I can meet you now.


You are the world, the world is you. I'm willing to use my heart to accompanyyou and love you.


The best day of my life is the day when it happened, the day when I metZhishu.


Love makes people forget time, time also makes people forget love.


There are so many towns in the world, so many pubs in the town, but shewalked into mine.


From the day I met you, all I did was to get close to you.


I want to share everything with you, because I can't find another woman tomatch me except you.


Before the stars are not particularly good-looking, until a careless lookinto your eyes.


The road of life is very long. Let me go with you. I would like to build asky of our own with you.


I will not change even after 50 years, I will still love you as I do now.


Pour out all the love for you, pour in all the love for you.


My wish is to become rich overnight, or I will hold you.


Ask you a silly question. If I like you, what should I do?


Because I know I can't live without you, so I will cherish it more.


The best feeling is that when I look at you, you are already staring atme.


You are the shore, I am the ship, you are the sun, I turn for you, happinesscan be calculated by you, give me the world does not change.


To the world you may be one person, but to one person you maybe theworld.


Also hope you work harder, don't give up yourself, one day you will get yourown happiness!


I don't think you are a qualified friend. You'd better be my wifeinstead.


In fact, the people who always care about you are right beside you. Didn'tyou find out?


Do you know why I always make you angry? Because I just want to get yourattention.


Some people are most afraid of life, and I am most afraid of not meetingyou.


I only dare to look at you with my spare light. At that time, I only thoughtthat you were beautiful by the water, gentle in the snow, and smooth in bothdirections.


I also want to roam my life, but I fall in love with someoneaccidentally.


Want to give the world to you, accustomed to life can not take care ofthemselves.


In every night with you, no longer too lonely.


I met you not at the best time, but because of you, I have the best time.


Meet always nods, want to say always difficult to open mouth, sightintersects the moment, I already felt your gentleness.


Once upon a time, life was sour and bitter. With you, we would gathertogether sweetness.


Miss you, is sweet and heartache, is willing to wait, only hate can't betogether all the time!


It's a kind of fate to meet you, a kind of beauty to love you, and a kind ofhappiness to be with you. I'd like to be with you forever.


Some people love with their mouths, but I love with my heart. Maybe I willlose a lot, but I will not regret it.



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